Book Review: Practical Guide To Patchwork

When the fun girls at Moda asked us to do a post on a quilt book for Book Lover’s month, just one book came to mind:

Elizabeth Hartman’s Practical Guide to Patchwork.


I fell in love with Elizabeth’s blog, Oh Fransson, years ago, and she inspired me to make my first set of quilts. She has incredible attention to detail, a modern sense of style and is an incredible teacher. I was thrilled when she came out with a book a few years ago!

How does this relate to frugal sewing? For under $20, the book is an incredible value. Not only do you get the equivalent of a beginner’s quilting class, you also get 12 gorgeous patterns to boot!

Even though there are many patterns out there (and some for free), reading and purchasing a well written sewing book can give you insight into to how a pattern designer works, thinks and creates– not just the instructions for a particular pattern.

For example, Practical Guide to Patch work includes an incredible section on color theory, as well as alternate color schemes for each quilt in the book. Learning how Elizabeth thinks about color has helped me make design and color choices in all aspects of my sewing. She also goes into detail about how to design the back of a quilt, something I hadn’t given much thought to.

Sewistry will be highlighting quality sewing books from time to time. The right books can be an incredible investment in your sewing library.

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  1. says

    Oooo…this would be a great book for me if I ever get up the nerve to try making a quilt. I have WAY too many sewing books and just love them all. How fun!

    • sewistry says

      Yes… I love her color choices, so I was thrilled to find out that she had included this section. It gives you so much insight into how she makes her design choices.

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