23 DIY Halloween Costumes For Girls

Although not all of these costumes are princesses, they are all perfect for little girls. And if you have boys, keep in mind that some of these costumes will work for them too :)


23 DIY Halloween Costumes for girls | www.sewistry.com


  1. Fancy Nancy Costume - Rae Gun Ramblings
  2. Cheap and Easy Bat Girl Costume- Make It Handmade
  3. Cinderella Dress from Crushed V elvet with Detailed Sewing Tutorial- Make It & Love It
  4. Toy Story’s Jessie (Sewing Tutorial Included) – Sumo’s Sweet Stuff
  5. Tinkerbell Costume- Prudent Baby
  6. Felt Stethoscope for a Doctor Costume- The Moody Fashionista
  7. Wizard of OZ’s Dorothy Dress Sewing Tutorial- Girl.Inspired.
  8. Rapunzel Wig From Yarn Tutorial - This Mama Makes Stuff
  9. Princess Belle Costume - Charming Doodle
  10. Audry Hepburn Cape Sewing Tutorial- Simple Simon and Co.
  11. Fairy Dress- Wildflowers and Whimsy
  12. Unicorn Costume - Twin Dragonfly Designs
  13. Fairy Wings- At Second Street
  14. Peacock Tutu- Shwin & Shwin
  15. Belle Costume- Homemade Toast
  16. Cinderella Costume- Homemade Toast
  17. Gone With The Wind Scarlett Dress- Googiemama
  18. Silk Butterfly Wings -This Mama Makes Stuff
  19. No Sew Mermaid Costume- Blooms ‘n’ Bugs
  20. Rapunzel Tutorial - Googiemama
  21. Owl Costume- AlphaMom
  22. Dress Up Bird Wings- Llevo el Invierno
  23. Modest Wonderwoman costume- Blonde Design



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