The Ultimate Guide To Sewing With Bias Tape

bias tape

How do you sew with bias tape? The truth is that isn’t just one way to sew, cut, measure, or even press bias tape. To continue on with our series on learning to sew for free– we’ve compiled the best tutorials that showcase the different methods of dealing with bias tape. Start at the top, and work your way to the bottom! By the end, you’ll be an expert in bias tape, and be ready to tackle your project using the method that you like the best.

Best of all, each of these tutorials absolutely 100% free!

How to Cut Bias Tape Strips

Cutting Bias Tape strips(Traditonal Method) -MADE

Cutting Continuous Bias Tape Strips (continous method) - No Big Dill

Cutting Bias Tape (Continuous method illustrated) - Oliver & S

How To Press Or Iron Bias Tape

Automatic Bias Tape Maker Review - Sew 4 Home

Using A Bias Tape Maker - Oliver and S

Iron bias tape without special tools (just a needle and your ironing board!)- Lil Blue Boo

Free Printable Paper Bias Tape Maker - Scientific Seamstress

No press method (french method) for bias tape-


How To Sew Bias Tape

Sewing Bias Tape all on Machine (video) - Angry Chicken

Sewing Bias Tape by Machine (sandwich method and ‘official method’) - MADE

How to Miter Corners When Sewing Bias Tape with the Sandwich Method (video) - Shiny Happy World

How To Use Bias Tape To Bind A Quilt

No Fuss Straightforward Quilt Binding Tutorial- Oh Frannson

Glue Quilt Binding Method (really works!) - Sharon Schamber

Perfect Quilt Binding Method (includes handsewing, mitered corners and flange binding) - Jaybird Quilts

Cheater Method for Finishing the Ends of Quilt Binding - Hoosier Toni via MIH


How To Make Piping Using Bias Tape

Piping Using Handmade Bias Tape- Make It And Love it

How to Sew Piping- Punkin Patterns

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