Janome Marie Osmand Sewing Machine Review

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to peek into another blogger’s sewing room. For today’s Sewing Machine Monologue we have Olga from Kid Approved. She is a talented blogger and sewist, and her blog is full of some gorgeous outfits! We were  surprised that she sews on an accessible domestic machine.

I am excited to be a part of Palak’s Sewing Machine Monologues. After reading Mie’s post from last week not only I am coveting her machine but I also want her sewing room! Here are my answers to the same questions!
1. What brand and model Machine do you have, and how long have you had it? Can you show us a picture?
I have Janome Marie Osmond. I purchased it four years ago. Here she is in all her beauty.

2. Are there any features that you love about your machine? Is there anything that makes you want to throw your machine out the window?
There are a few features that I like. I am spoiled by the automatic buttonhole maker. I also enjoy a variety of button holes available, including specifically designed for knit and stretchy  fabrics. There are quite a few stitches as well as needle positions available. I also like that you can control the speed by moving the button in front. It’s nice when you are doing topstitching and don’t want to go 100 miles per hour. At least I don’t, it never ends well for me. :) That said there are few things that I dislike. If I were to use one word to describe it I would say  it’s finicky. It sews beautifully two layers of medium weight woven fabric, anything else, you never know  what to expect. I ruined a few projects because it was incapable of making buttonholes. If the fabric is thicker, the stitches become tiny, or it starts stitching in one spot. It’s nightmare to work with knits. I learned a few tricks along the way, but I want to throw it out the window almost every time I sew knits.

3. If your machine suddenly disappeared– what would you look for in a new machine?
I would buy a simpler but more heavy duty machine. I hardly ever use any of the decorative stitches.

4. Would you recommend this machine to your best friend? Is there any other advice about sewing machine shopping that you would give her?
No, I would not. It has too many issues and it’s quite expensive. I would also not go to the dealership next time. I know many bloggers suggest going through a dealership. There might be benefits, but I am always suspicious when people work on commission. I am not trying to say that it leads to dishonesty, however, there is a chance you will end up with the most expensive machine with bells and whistles that you don’t need. At least, that was my experience.

5. What is your favorite that you made with your current sewing machine?
Hmm. I think my first sewing project - a jumper with a matroyshka doll applique that I made for my then two year old daughter. It was my first project after years of not sewing, so it was special to me.

6. What traits do you and your sewing machine have in common?
Well, I think we can be a bit high maintenance. :)


Thank you so much for sharing such an honest review Olga!  Although she and her machine aren’t best friends, Olga has created some gorgeous outfits with her machine. We love her Lace sleeve tutorial (which she used to patch and existing tee.) and her short to long sleeve tutorial. But my absolute favorite is this gorgeous outfit– I love the fabric choice!

Head on over and give Olga some comment love for a great review!



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