Tips For Cutting Hexagon Templates

Hexies!!! All quilters love the look of them, and all quilters make them slightly differently. The English Paper Piecing method is one of the most popular methods, but requires that each hexagon have a paper template. You can purchase these, but it gets expensive. Geta from Geta’s quilting studio has free printable hex templates and some great instructions on how to rotary cut your own using printable typing paper or card stock. If you have any interest in paper piecing hexies, do check this out– our jaws dropped when we realized how simple she made it. Head on over to Geta’s Quilting Studio to get her genius tips for cutting hexagon templates.


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    If you want to work with hexies consider using Inklingo. It’s a tool that lets you print cutting and sewing lines directly on your fabrics with an ordinary inkjet printer.

    Whether you piece your hexies by hand or machine, Inklingo makes the process much faster. With Inklingo you don’t need templates, there’s no basting, and you don’t have to go back to remove the papers.

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    Thank you for featuring my tutorial. I would have loved to think about it before I individually cut 3300 hexagons for a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt, two years ago.

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