Bernina 350 PE Sewing Machine Review with Heidi from Handmade Frenzy

Today we have one of the sweetest bloggers sharing about her sewing machine! Heidi from Handmade Frenzy is always ready to help out with a kind word or guest post. And– her stitching and photography is sublime! I am so excited to have her tell us more about her brand new Bernina 350!

Hi! My name is Heidi and I blog about my latest obsessions and sewing creations over at Handmade Frenzy. I’m so excited to share all the details about my new machine to you today! Seriously, whenever I sew on it and my husband is around I’m asking him, “Have I told you how much I love this machine??” So like every other day he hears that…
So on to the questions!
1. What brand and model Machine do you have, and how long have you had it? Can you show us a picture?
I have the Bernina 350 PE. I have had it since November 2013, so only about 4 months. In those 4 months, it has been given a good workout and I love it more with each week. It also fuels my sewing passion even more because it is such a dream to work on! I feel like I tackle ANY sewing project with it.
2. Are there any features that you love about your machine? Is there anything that makes you want to throw your machine out the window?
I love everything about the machine! It has lots of stitch options, which to be honest, I don’t use most of them because they are mostly decorative stitches that I tend not to use when sewing garments. But I did buy it because of several stitches that were included at this level and not lower. Stitch 8 is the double overlock stitch. I use this for every knit item I have sewn since buying the machine, it is so completely awesome!! I showed what it looks like in this post here. Until I can afford to introduce a serger buddy to my trusty machine, this stitch does the trick and works like a charm. No popped stitches in knit clothing with this one!
If there is anything I dislike, it is that it is not overly double needle friendly. Although, it may be that I just haven’t figured out the trick to this particular machine yet. My threads tend to get tangled when I use it. I’m going to keep tweaking and figuring it out though.
3. If your machine suddenly disappeared– what would you look for in a new machine?
I would look for all of the same features! I would probably go with Bernina again and would likely buy the same machine. I love the “guts” in this machine, it has great power, sews so smoothly, and the stitching is phenomenal.
4. Would you recommend this machine to your best friend? Is there any other advice about sewing machine shopping that you would give her?
Yes, yes, and yes! I would recommend doing as much research as possible (or if you’re like me, as much as you can stand) before buying. And if you can sew on the machine before hand, definitely do that and write down certain things you want to ask about and try out while you are there.
5. What is your favorite thing that you made with your current sewing machine?  
I have a lot of favorites that I’ve churned out lately :) But that is the great thing about sewing, every new thing I make, I fall in love with and it becomes my new favorite.
And this Bunny Eared Swing Coat that is just perfect for Easter!
If your sewing machine was a cupcake, what flavor would it be and why? 
It would be vanilla with chocolate icing and crazy sprinkles. Vanilla because it is classic, has good bones and because it is white :) Chocolate icing, because it is gooood, and crazy sprinkles because it has so many features and even more options that can be added with feet, etc.
Thanks so much for having me Palak, I enjoyed gushing about my machine, and hopefully it will be helpful to someone!

Here are some of our favorite projects from Handmade Frenzy!


From left to right: Felt Superhero Mask ~ Simple Girls Tank Top ~ Anthropologie Inspired Skirt.

This is just a few of her awesome projects– check out her tutorials page for more!


  1. NickiRees says

    My Dad bought me a Bernina Minimatic for my 18th!!!!! long time ago. It has been serviced/repaired many times, but this evening, just sewing a cover for a basic dog bed – IT DIED!!! Would love another Bernina, just want basics as not into embroidery etc. would you recommend the 350pe? looks like all I need. Good, even stitches, reliable button hole and a free arm, plus zig-zag.

  2. TCGRAY says

    I’m not into embroidery or quilting so I thought the 350PE would meet my needs. It doesn’t have a basting stitch and I consider the buttonhole to be quite antiquated and clumsy especially since my 30 year old Kenmore has an buttonhole foot that makes the buttonhole the exact size size of the button without any measuring. Not in love with the machine at all.

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  6. Rod Martin says

    I bought this machine 1 year and 1month ago. I had sewn on the same Bernina 1090 for 17 years and the machine was never in for repairs, only a yearly service. I decided I wanted something new and computerized, so I sold my old machine and bought the Bernina B350. Ok machine when it is sewing right and not in the shop for repairs. It’s in the shop know and has been two other times in last year. If your looking for a very dependable machine you might want to look into Juki or Phaff. Bernina’s are not built like the used to be.

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