Brother Sewing Machine Review With Celina From Petit a Petit and Family

Today we have Celina from Petit a Petit and Family sharing about her Brother XL 2600 and the Brother 5130. She is a talented seamstress with tons of experience so I’m excited to hear what she has to say!

Hello! SO happy to be here today, maybe you’ve read my sewing secret post on Make it Handmade and already know that I don’t love to sew. Perhaps today’s post might explain why!

1. What brand and model Machine do you have, and how long have you had it? Can you show us a picture?I have a Brother XL-2600, a Brother XL-5130 and a Kenmore Overlock. I used to have a vintage industrial Omega sewing machine which died on me in the middle of producing a collection for a small shop. So I went to Wal-mart in a panic and bought the cheapest machine I could find, the Brother XL-2600. It has been 4 years now. I also bought a Brother XL- from my neighbour at a yard sale for 25$ and it’s what I use most of the time only because the other one is at work.

2. Are there any features that you love about your machine? Is there anything that makes you want to throw your machine out the window?

After sewing on an industrial machine there really isn’t much I love about my current machines. I guess I love that I can make button holes and use different stitches. My kids actually laugh at me and make a great impersonation of me sewing- I am always yelling at at my machine and it has made me cry on several occasions. And does anyone else have the problem of the screw that holds the needle to be too big, it hits my fingers all the time. Maybe my sewing style is bizarre!

I love my overlock, I’ve had it for 12 years now and it’s been so good to me. I need to get the knife replaced as a student of mine overlocked over a pin and it does a terrible job now. I love adding color to the inside of my clothing and making everything look so pretty and professional.

3. If your machine suddenly disappeared– what would you look for in a new machine?

I would buy an industrial type sewing machine. I just love the control you have with them. Also just the quality of the detail and finishes on your garments is different for some reason.

4. Would you recommend this machine to your best friend? Is there any other advice about sewing machine shopping that you would give her?

I wouldn’t recommend my 2 regular machines, unless someone wanted to learn how to sew and even at that. There are so many things that are frustrating that it make sewing harder and not as pleasant as it should be. Like sewing a few layers together, stitching at 3mm from the edge. I actually like to call my machine dancing feet, as I never really know where the next stitch will go. This makes topstitching hell!

5. What is your favorite that you made with your current sewing machine?

I don’t love my machines and sewing through fur and denim has been a challenge- however it has given me the possibility to sew so many things and I am thankful for that. My current favorites are my latest projects for Project Run and Play.


Thank you for sharing Celina! Head on over to Celina’s blog to check out her awesome sewing skills! I love her backpack tutorial, her cascade dress and this adorable  bear sweatshirt!


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